Medicine-less Hospital

Maya Tirosh

If you wish to relieve:

weakness, acute or chronic pain, weak immune system or other challenges.

I have good news for you:

The Qigong Medicine-less hospital can reduce or eliminate physical or emotional challenges without much effort.

Is it too good to be true?

Try yourself and you will notice from the first lesson that you are full with energy and getting stronger!

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    How it Works?

    Qigong is an old healing Method based on Chinese Medicine.
    The practice allows free flow of blood and energy to the inner organs and other parts of the body.
    In this way, the cognitive, emotional, and physical aspects of the body can improve significantly.
    As a result you will be relaxed and healthy.

    The traditional Qigong was intended for the common people and gave them a good feeling.
    The Qigong of the Medicine-less Hospital was based on secrets that were designed for the Caesars and kings.
    Its purpose is longevity and healing.
    Scientific studies show that this simple practice can affect a wide variety of subjects such as:

    ✔️ Strengthen the immune systems
    ✔️ Reduce spine pain 
    ✔️ Improve breathing system 
    ✔️ Release body aches
    ✔️ Balances Heart beat & blood pressure
    ✔️ Increase body energy
    ✔️ Reduce stress
    ✔️ Improve our daily functioning

    About Me

    I am a professional therapist, lecturer, and seminars leader. I have more than 20 years of experience in Psychology, Qigong, Focusing, Coaching, Mindfulness and more. I have a certificate as a teacher of Qigong without Medicine Method. In my previous career, I was a product manager and .lecturer in Hi-tech companies

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